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Be Your True Self … A Soul Embodiment Retreat
with Carista Luminare-Rosen, Ph.D.

A non-residential retreat July 18 and 19th in Marin County, CA.

The Ageless Wisdom teachings ask the perennial question:

Who am I, really?  Can you answer that question with certainty?  It is your birthright to know who you are at your core and what your creative life purpose is.                                                         

You become your True Self when your personality reflects your soul virtues. 
When you identify with this fundamental self truth, your life flows.  You have peace of mind because you are connected to your core sacred energy.  You are self-aware.  Your actions are authentic and spontaneous and not driven by subconscious patterns that dominate your personality.   There is a simple and practical way to experience greater mastery in embodying your Soul (spiritual essence) now. 

During the workshop you will:

  • Clarify how you live as your false self and as your True Self, and how to unify the split. Explore many core limiting patterns so you can master your inner and outer life, now.

  • Learn to deliberately use your body, emotions and mind (your personality) as instruments for your soul’s expression.

  • Embody the “Language of the Soul.”  Learn to use hundreds of noble soul virtues such as love, wisdom, and will as a map for self-inquiry and to embody your True Self.

It is time to shine forth as Your True Self, isn’t it?

To request more information for any of our training services, contact Carista via email

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