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True Self Initiation for Men: Mastering Your Unlimited Powers

This comprehensive nine month program incorporates a broad range of disciplines and methodologies to master the highest use of a man's heart, mind and will to act as an integrated expression of his true nature empowering a clear expression of power.  Unique to this men's journey is the conscious balance between the masculine and feminine - an essential element to each man's true expression.

The first trimester focuses on clarifying distinctions between "True" and "False" Self, based
on our proprietary virtues approach inspired by ageless and universal teachings - and
culminating in defining one's unique virtues to master.  The second trimester prepares for
INITIATION into one's TRUE SELF through 1:1 coaching, group men's work, day long intensives, and customized daily practices for your unique make-up.  The third trimester's INITIATION is a passage from which there's "no return", in which each man affirms his commitment and extends his practice of living his True Self in the larger, outer world.

The True Self Initiation is co-led by a male/female team to achieve a critical balance of energies and perspective to activate, reflect and support what each participant requires to embody their
authentic nature.  Both facilitators are highly seasoned in leading womens, mens and couples
groups.  Carista Luminare, Ph.D.  and Michael Lipson.

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