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People who are high achievers know that reaching their level of accomplishment required intense focus on the professional realm, often at the expense of other parts of their lives — their marriage, children, health, and friendships.  In fact, it is often the case that when one has attained “it” — the IPO, selling the company, general partnership, etc. — there is a sense of absence rather than fullness in one's life.

How are you, really? Now that you no longer “have” to do anything, are you able to transfer the motivation that drove you to the top into new areas and passions? Do you experience joy and fulfillment in everyday life, or are you stuck? Do you know what you want for the rest of your life? How is your marriage? How is your relationship with your kids or step-kids — adolescent or adult? What about your friendships — have you let them slide to the point where you avoid contact?

Moving forward in a different phase of your life and nurturing fragile intimate relationships requires a different mind set and new tools that are better-suited to these tasks. Traditional therapy, structured in weekly one or two-hour sessions can take years. A group seminar can be very inspirational but typically offers no personal attention or follow-up. It may be the case that you want change now, or that your marriage and family need immediate attention.

Using her True Self model, Carista Luminare, Ph.D., offers True Self Immersions, custom retreats which allow you to immerse yourself deeply in healing and self-transformation without the time constraints of normal therapy and the distractions of daily life. In this context, change is accelerated. There is time for in-depth exploration, healing, and re-patterning. As you awaken to your True Self, you will return with new perspective to address the vital relationships and things in your life that are in disarray.

Carista shares life-changing techniques for unlocking the treasures of inner wealth in many forms.

True Self Immersions are available as the personalized programs below. All are offered for individuals, couples, family and business groups.

The True Self Discovery Immersiona one-half day to two-day personalized program.

The True Self Embodiment Immersiona two-day personalized program, plus 12 weekly follow-up phone sessions.

The True Self Mastery ImmersionA one-year custom designed training.

The True Self Union Immersion – a one-half day to four-day retreat for couples desiring greater intimacy or crisis management.

Unplugged: A Nature Immersion – a one to two-day retreat off the “tech- grid” of your life.

Where: You choose the location. Wherever you feel safe to reclaim and restore your True Self, including your favorite lodge, your private residence, or a venue near or far from your home. Access to nature and unplugging from your daily life is highly-recommended for optimal freedom to explore, heal, and break free of your historical patterns and commitments.

When: You choose the date and time frame.

How: We co-design each of the above retreats based on your desires and goals. You can also co-create a completely custom retreat with Carista on a topic of your choosing.

Cost: Based on length of time and location.

The True Self Discovery Immersion

A one-half day to two-day program structured as follows:

True Self Profile.

Sessions customized around your True Self Profile outcomes.

Be Your True Self Session Summary (requires one-day commitment).

Be Your True Self Action Plan (requires two-day commitment).

Your True Self Profile is a comprehensive assessment of the core issues that will define the primary focus and outcomes of your retreat experience. The profile is completed in advance and covers your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual life, self identity, life vision, and life purpose. This profile is the basis of a pre-retreat planning session with Carista where you discuss how to maximize your retreat experience.

Based on the plan you develop with Carista, the following topics, or others, can be explored in your retreat sessions:

Reconcile your historical relationships issues that keep your from feeling
free to be your True Self now.

Clarify how you live as your False Self and as your True Self, and how to unify this split.

Distill your True Self Plan. Identify your true dreams in this phase of your life and what it would take to pursue them.

Learn to deliberately use your body, emotions, and mind (your personality) as instruments for your soul’s expression.

Learn to use the “Language of the Soul.”  Use noble soul virtues — love, truth, generosity, selflessness — and several hundred other qualities — as a map for self-inquiry and to embody your True Self.

You can expect these benefits from your retreat:

A new relationship with yourself that is more authentic and spontaneous (no longer as pattern-driven) in your daily actions.

Deeper appreciation for how perfect your life has been with all of its challenges.

Understanding of how hardship develops the inner power to strengthen your True Self.

A personally-designed True Self Action Plan — prioritized life goals that you choose to pursue to embody your True Self in mind, body and spirit.

A sense of integration and ever increasing daily mastery of your virtuous True Self.

True Self Embodiment Immersions

This is a three to six month program structured as follows:

True Self Profile.

Two full days of the True Self Discovery Immersion plus 12 weekly one hour phone-coaching follow-up sessions with Carista.

Additional embodiment exercises using Be Your True Self proprietary tools and methodology.

True Self Action Plan review and assessment.

The following topics can be explored
(in addition to those offered in the True Self Discovery Immersion):

Clarifying your current life purpose.

Communicating inner truths with compassion and empowerment.

In-depth transformation of fears and insecurities.

Integrating the “Language of the Soul” into your daily life.

You can expect these benefits:

Every benefit of the True Self Discovery Immersion.

Weekly support, reinforcement, and integration around your True Self Action Plan.

More truthful, confident, and compassionate communication.

A greater sense of wholeness as you master your ability to freely express and sustain your soul consciousness in more aspects of your daily human life.

The True Self Mastery Immersion

This is a one-year training structured as follows:

A two to four-day intensive with Carista, including True Self Profile.

Comprehensive True Self Action Plan with continual review and assessment.

One (or more) additional one to two-day residential retreats spaced as needed over a year.

20 interim weekly phone-coaching sessions with Carista.

The following topics can be explored:

In-depth holistic examination of all aspects of your life.

Creating life balance: mastering your daily time and energy.

Actualizing fulfilling primary personal and professional relationships.

Re-aligning your experience of self, family, work, community, and world with your deepest heart's desires.

Speaking and living innermost truths effectively in your world today.

You can expect these benefits:

Every benefit of the True Self Discovery and the True Self Embodiment Programs plus:

Becoming your True Self in a consistent way.

Greater emotional resiliency during moments of stress.

Richer and more intimate personal and professional relationships.

Expanding life mastery: sustaining a life of deeper love, joy, and peace of mind.

The True Self Union Immersion - For Couples

A one-half day to four-day retreat with your beloved partner where you learn to use the relationship to reveal your True Self to the other and to you. This program can be customized around anything you want to explore or heal together, or structured as follows:

True Self Profile Comparison.

Sessions targeted to your individual and joint True Self Profile outcomes.

True Self Union Session Summary (one day commitment).

True Self Action Plan (two day commitment).

The following topics can be explored:

Identifying what needs urgent attention and healing between you.

Lowering your defenses about who you feel you are and what you feel you need from the relationship to grow as individuals and as a unified couple.

Communicating inner truths (the painful and the positive) with compassion and empowerment.

Clarifying and refining your relationship identity and purpose. (Should we live together, marry, separate? Who are we as a couple now that the children are grown or the business is sold?).

In-depth transformation of fears and insecurities.

Creating life balance: supporting each other in mastering your daily time and energy as individuals and as a couple.

You Can Expect these Results:

Learn to recognize the essential qualities that are unique to your own True Self, and how you want your partner to experience you.

Learn to recognize the essential qualities that are unique to your partner’s True Self, and how he or she wants to be experienced by you.

Learn to use the “Language of the Soul” (playing with virtues) to embody your True Self with the other.

Whatever outcomes we design together.

Unplugged: A Natural Immersion — Free of daily responsibilities

Have you ever considered what a week-end of being completely UNPLUGGED from the daily patterns of your life might reveal to you? Imagine this for a few days…

A place that you have always desired to experience stress-free.

No pressure to make or receive ANY phone calls.

No emails because you have set it up to be uninterrupted.

No need to look at a clock.

Choosing to be supported in ways that nourish, inspire and empower you (food, coaching, nature, accommodations, healing, etc.).

After you unplug, see what comes up. Carista and her staff are there to guide your journey as you detach from the outer world and focus inward entirely. Be open to the treasures of self-awareness, vision, healing and purpose being given to you from within and all around you in nature. You will see how your inner and outer life can become more seamless and mutually aligned.

To request more information on completely customized True Self Immersions, contact Carista via email

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