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The True Self =The Integration of your Soul Virtues into your Personality

The True Self model, like many holistic models, recognizes that a human being is a soul and has a human personality. The soul reflects your unique spiritual essence, primarily benevolent virtues, and is the immortal aspect of your consciousness that exists infinitely, independent of your personality. The soul is not in a fixed state but is actually acquiring virtues and evolving steadily as the lessons of personality development are worked through. Your personality is made up of four different and interpenetrating bodies: the physical body, the etheric body, the emotional body, and the mental body. The journey to be the True Self is to inspire and educate the four personality bodies to freely and clearly express the virtues and higher consciousness of the soul.

The True Self Way

When your personality is able to sense, express, and embody the presence of your soul without distortion, you become your True Self. The True Self Way is a practical path to master your ability to freely express and sustain your soul consciousness in your human expression, ranging from the most mundane to the deeply profound experiences of your life. Your soul’s innate drive is to unfold its many qualities of love and wisdom through your personality. The soul often uses key relationships and life circumstances to develop its true nature.  Many individuals get stuck in patterns of stagnation, or are felled by adversity, and their True Self does not emerge.  It is often the case that trauma in one of the four personality bodies causes blockages in other bodies as well that lead to the development of entrenching and limiting patterns, behaviors, and attitudes.

You have within you, right now, a full spectrum of soul virtues to discover and master such as will, truth, selflessness, service, honesty, power, cooperation, peace, compassion, boldness, and courage. As you integrate the spiritual virtues of the soul into your personality, the reactive nature of your mind transforms into the responsive nature of your soul. Thus, wherever the mind is in false identity, often referred to as the false self, the personal growth opportunity is to cultivate more virtuous behavior to transform false tendencies into more authentic presence. You have to deeply want to use your personal will to transform from your false self into your True Self. In addition, there are phases of growth where the personality needs to heal childhood patterning and wounding, or to resolve trauma or confusion from the past. Awareness of the innate dance of consciousness between the shadow of your personality and the light of your soul is a fundamental step along The True Self Way.

True Self Counseling Services offer a unique and creative process of awakening your soul essence and expanding your ability to embody this in a sustained way. The client is taught to identify limiting patterns and wounding that distort the personality and create blockages or stagnation in everyday life and is then trained to transform these imperfections. The result is that the personality is uplifted in awareness and spiritual powers are developed and utilized to meet every day challenges. Focusing on the many favorable and powerful soul virtues will swiftly strengthen your personality to become more expressive of your true soul nature, empowering your True Self to shine forth more freely in feeling and thought. In turn, this will have a dramatic impact on your use of time and life energy and on the quality of your relationships.

The Four Personality Bodies and Their Function

As you can see in the diagram below, your personality is composed of four different and interprenetrating bodies: physical, etheric, emotional, and mental. When you are living as your True Self, the presence of your soul flows simultaneously in all four of these realms of consciousness.

Let’s take a closer look at your personality composition:

The physical body is the personality component formed of the densest matter. All of the biological and biochemical systems belong to the physical. Without a physical body, you cannot express your emotions, thoughts, or intelligence in a three-dimensional plane. All five physical senses — sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch — are experienced through the body. Your soul depends on you to assist it in developing a healthy body to express its spiritual essence in human form.

The etheric body is the least widely understood aspect of the human personality. Although most Western systems of depicting the human constitution do not include the etheric body, Eastern medical and metaphysical systems do (e.g., Ayurvedic medicine from India and acupuncture from China and Japan). The etheric body is the energy field that surrounds, organizes, powers, and maintains the dense physical body and is often referred to as the “physical-etheric” body. The etheric body links the spiritual, mental, and emotional bodies to the physical body. It is not a body of consciousness, but rather one of activity, focusing life force to energize the physical. The etheric substance gives the physical body warmth, motion and sensitivity.

The emotional body is the vehicle for the consciousness through which all emotions, passions, desires, and appetites act on the physical body and find their expression in the physical world. By asking yourself “What am I feeling?” you are focusing attention on the emotional body. The mature emotional body expresses feelings, ranging from fear to love, in an adult way that is responsive to others, rather than in a childlike way that is highly reactive.

The mental body is the vehicle for consciousness: it governs thought, concepts, and the use of memory. By asking “What am I thinking?” you will be activating your mental body. All attitudes, beliefs, and thought forms are functions of the mental body. You use your thoughts to express your creative intelligence.

All life experiences are honored as fuel to awaken and embody your true nature but greater access to your soul presence will hasten your healing and boost your personal power immensely.  The True Self Way offers an accelerated path to awareness and change in your life.  Only when your physical, etheric, emotional, and mental bodies are unified in consciousness can they be used most effectively by your soul in everyday living.  As you confront daily life challenges and long-held negative patterns with new awareness, your soul can perfect and express its divine consciousness in human form.  The True Self Way inspires continual integration of your personality and soul as a daily practice that invigorates your whole self.

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