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In this section, you will have the opportunity to explore yourself through five dynamics: Money, Love, Power, Health, and Spirit. This is a playful exploration that you can use for self reflection or that can be integrated with the True Self Profile, or with any of the True Self Consulting Services. First, you will have a chance to consider some common concerns with each of these five dynamics in your life. Then, you will have a chance to reflect on the possibilities you can experience as you unfold to and express your True Self.

Can you find aspects of your True Self or your False Self here?

Common Concerns with Money:

I have all of the money I need, but I don’t experience the sense of freedom I expected I would have.

I never feel like I earn enough money to feel secure, even when all of my present needs are covered.

My partner and I have radically different spending patterns and ideas about what constitutes financial security.

I am saving for my future and don’t enjoy the bounty of life right now.

I have anxiety about not having enough money for my future needs.

I am jealous of people who have more money than I do.

Money means a life of stress.

I have worked hard to provide security for my family, but they now act entitled and unappreciative.

I have found that people treat me differently now that I have what they perceive to be “lots of money.”

I feel isolated because when people learn I have money, they want me to solve their problems for them.

I use money as a substitute for emotional intimacy.

I know there is more to life than money and power; but I don’t know what.

I am obsessed with my inheritance or with money I will bequeath.

Money has entrapped me and brought out the worst in me.

Money: Potentials and Possibilities

My philosophy about investing money and building assets matches my highest values, my inner truth.

Spending money on what makes my heart sing is natural.

I love making money so that I can contribute to the healing of others or of the planet.

I have healthy boundaries around giving and receiving money.

Infinite abundance is my birthright, manifesting as money and as more than money--in love, joy, self confidence, and whatever I want.

My self worth is as important to invest in as my net worth.

Money is neutral and I can project whatever values and beliefs I want on it.

My philosophy about investing money and building assets is in sync with my partner’s beliefs.

If I lost it all tomorrow, I would be ok.

If I lost it all tomorrow, I would still have rich relationships.

I have been blessed with financial security, but I am respectful of those whose talents have not manifested in this form.

Common Concerns with Love:

My relationships feel unhealthy.

I don’t know how to love myself much less anyone else.

I care take others even if it depletes me.

Love always feels conditional, like I have to earn it.

I confuse loving and giving from my heart with my (financial) obligations as a spouse or parent

I engage in fantasy relationships because I am afraid to let myself experience the vulnerability required of intimacy.

I have worked so hard to be successful in my career that I have sacrificed love and intimacy.

A relationship is a failure if it does not lead to marriage or commitment.

I am fearful of a commitment such as marriage because my past relationships have failed.

I am afraid to love or let myself be loved because I fear abandonment and rejection.

My partnership/marriage is stagnating and I want out.

I am sexually unfulfilled and accept my fate.

I make assumptions about my partner that may not be true and that limit our relationship

I fear I will never be free of my past hurts and traumas.

My childhood wounding harms my most intimate relationships.

If I am not perfect, I am not loveable.

I feel disconnected to a meaningful community.

Love: Potentials and Possibilities

Love is a power that I welcome into my life.

As I love myself, I have more love to share with others.

I love being true to others and to myself.

I can express love naturally.

I receive love from people and life with ease.

I no longer feel blind to my own inner shadow: I commit to loving and healing myself.

I am responsible and free to choose loving people in my life.

I give myself permission to create self-nurturing choices and activities whenever I want to.

My childhood wounding does not need to sabotage my relationships any longer.

My community life gives me great meaning.

Common Concerns with Power

I need to feel in control to feel secure.

Being out of control threatens me.

I feel powerless expressing my true needs with others.

I am attracted to powerful people but fear my own power.

Frequently, I impose my will on people close to me instead of considering their needs and feelings.

I am driven by the need to be perfect and this is sabotaging me and my relationships.

I am unable to delegate.My perfectionism is sabotaging me and my relationships.

I don’t know how to live outside the box of my everyday habits.

No matter how much I try to succeed, I always feel like a failure on some level.

When something good happens in life, I frequently feel it is too good to be true and I am afraid to enjoy it.

I am not in touch with any innate sense of creative expression — I am jammed.

Power: Potentials and Possibilities

My sense of purpose is independent of anyone’s expectations or projections.

I understand the difference between healthy influence and control.

I have healthy boundaries and I respect the boundaries of others.

I know how to handle myself when my boundaries are being infringed.

I seek support that gives me a sense of personal power and well-being.

I feel good when I can support and enable someone in ways that are healthy for the both of us.

My past is not the driving force in my life.  I am living in the present.

I see blocks and obstacles as portals for breakthroughs in my consciousness.

I can express gratitude even if I am having a bad day or a rough period.

Purposefully, I fill my day with people, thoughts, and activities that make my heart sing.

I am in touch with my creative nature and I experience creative flow in my life.

Work can become play when I have the right attitude.

Common Concerns with Health:

I am tired no matter what I do or eat.

I feel like I am surviving more than thriving.

Something within me seems to sabotage my efforts to be healthy.

I have not been able to commit to a plan of healthy eating.

I am obsessed with my weight and have never been able to achieve or maintain an ideal weight

I do not feel well-rested.

I have great anxiety about being able to sleep.

I have troubling and/or recurrent dreams.

I don’t know how to establish healthy boundaries in my life.

I have a chronic problem with drugs or alcohol.

My partner or my child has a chronic problem with drugs or alcohol that is impacting my health.

I invest in healing and still feel stuck.

I have anxiety about global disasters.

I am obsessed with death.

Health: Potentials and Possibilities

Daily, I look for ways to celebrate the best of life.

I surround myself with people who encourage me to care for my body and health needs.

As best I can, I love making life balance a priority each day.

The healthier I am, the healthier are my relationships.

I give myself permission to make healthy choices all day long: no one else can do this for me.

As I invest in my health, I invest in my wealth.

What I need to be healthy may be very different from what others need.

I am responsible to feel, know, and fulfill my deepest needs and desires.

I know precisely how to nourish and recharge myself when I am depleted.

In spite of my health profile, I am living a full life.

I am able to commit to and stick with implementing healthy changes in my life.

Common Concerns with Spirit:

Who AM I, Really?

I can't be in the Now.  (I live in fear of the past and/or worry about the future.)

For some reason, I am actively resisting spirituality.

I cannot take any leap of faith.

I do not let myself fully experience or appreciate the synchronicity of life.

Speaking and living my inner truth is unsafe and isolating.

Happiness is impossible.

I will never free myself of suffering.

My ideals are not realistic.

My dreams are too good to be true.

My relationship to God lives in my mind, not in my daily life.

God has betrayed me or is punishing me for past selfish actions.

I can’t feel grateful about my life when there is so much conflict.

My kids can live the dream I will never have for myself.

Spirit: Potentials and Possibilities

I am a Chlid of God; therefore I am good and loveable.

The spiritual depth I am seeking is within me and I experience it directly.

When I am connected to my heart and soul, I experience heaven on earth.

I always trust I am doing the best I can, using the awareness available to me at the time.

I define my inner reality as an expression of my true nature.

I celebrate traditions that give me joy.

I feel gratitude even when life challenges me.

I experience everyday blessings in the simplest of things.

I feel in harmony with nature.

I have forgiven myself and am free of self-judgment.

I trust every that life challenge is a gift to be received with openness.

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