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The True Self Way

The Ancient Wisdom or Ageless Wisdom Teachings ask the perennial questions:
Who Am I, Really? What is the Purpose of my Life?
Can you answer those questions with certainty?

It is your birthright to know who you are at your core and to live your life with conscious self-awareness. Cross culturally, there are many names that refer to this higher awareness: the Soul, the Higher Self, the Authentic Self, the Essential Self, the Spiritual Self, the Divine Self, and the True Self. There are countless definitions that describe the transcendent aspect of our self that can be found in various spiritual, religious and metaphysical belief systems. I find the term the “True Self” illuminating because it implies there is unlimited potential within all of us. True or truth implies the ultimate light - enlightenment — that comes through cultivation of the sacred within us. You become your True Self when your personality is able to sense, express and embody the loving presence of your soul in a sustained way.

True Self also implies there is a false self and herein lies the malady of the human condition. The false self is simply distortion—that unique collection of patterns (beliefs and behaviors) that we all developed in childhood as coping mechanisms to help protect ourselves against the challenges and traumas that arose. The false self is reactive and restricting rather than responsive and empowering. The false self keeps us slaves to the petty, to the habit patterns of ego instead of to the renewal of the spirit. We stumble along when we could be soaring. Many adults live their lives unaware of their patterns and are not able to fully connect with their inherent strengths, virtues and talents—soul qualities. We flail and sink in despair and then we become entrenched. We cannot think ourselves out of this state because even our intellect is hostage.

The True Self Way is a practical method to pierce through these destructive patterns and to master our ability to express and maintain our soul consciousness in our daily life. When we identify with the truth within us, our life flows and our anxiety diminishes as we experience greater peace of mind. As we transform ourselves, we see that our external world and the way we relate to it takes on new meaning. We step out of weakness and into strength; out of fear and into love; out of our false self and into our True Self.

What does being your True Self mean to you?

Are you a spiritual being having a human experience… or a human being having a spiritual experience?

Are you a personality who has a soul… or a soul that has a personality?

What parts of you invite chaos into your life… how does chaos then gain the upper hand?

What identity within you transforms uncertainty into certainty,
insecurity into security and fear into trust?

The answers to all of these questions reside in your heart and mind right now, but you are not consciously connected to the solutions. You must give yourself permission to Be Your True Self. No one else can do this for you. No one else can be you for you. The door is open for you to embody your True Self freely.

If not you, who? If not now, when?

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