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When leaders are mentioned today, we often hear the phrase “thought leader” used, which references someone who has made an inspirational and authentic contribution to their field which expands that field.  The leaders who will guide humanity into the 21st century are truly “heart leaders,” or could appropriately be called “spirit leaders,” as they perceive of power as unfolding from the hearts and souls of those they serve.  These great leaders know that the core or essence of any endeavor is the vision behind it and they are able to motivate those around them to give and to be their best. They are luminaries---not only instructing but also shedding light and wisdom.  These leaders have finesse in expressing and embodying their virtuous nature.  They can unify and inspire, even under the most difficult of circumstances.
In her innovative Luminary Leadership Initiations, Carista helps you connect with fundamental inner truths to empower your leadership with wisdom.  Using the “Language of the Soul” as a foundational tool, you will learn to master reactive personality patterns so that you can more fully embody your True Self.   You will learn to use noble soul virtues such as love, truth, generosity, selflessness, compassion — and hundreds of others — as a map for self-inquiry.  These virtues can be used to develop strengths, to cultivate self-awareness in any challenging situation, to make wise decisions, and to inspire yourself and those you interact with to give their best.  As you begin to respond to life more fully through the awareness and light of your soul, your unique vision and way of communicating it will blossom and inspire those around you to excel.

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