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Next workshop retreat: Spring 2012, Marin County, CA

Your True Self in Love: A Unifying Retreat for Couples:

This is non-residential two-day retreat for couples who wish to deepen their True Self mastery together. Imagine if you could live even more openly, freely, passionately, and creatively as your True Self with your beloved partner who was responding to you as his or her True Self.  Sound too good to be true?

Relationships are our primary teacher, allowing us to either grow deeper together through the lessons of intimacy or deny ourselves and our partner the opportunity to do so.   It is a blessing when our most important relationship mirrors back our deepest heart's desires and joys, and our life vision is cherished by the one we most cherish.  Your partner does not have to be the same as you, nor fulfill your ideal; he or she just needs to want to honor and nourish your inner truth as real and important to you.  

Relationship is not about conflict or drama, though managing conflict and not acting out historical patterns or projections is one of the most important skills of self-awareness to master when tension arises.  The main purpose of relationship is about healing each other through deepening intimacy on the soul level which requires shared awareness of who you each are as Your True Selves.  It is time, isn’t it, to clarify and heal and then celebrate together that which makes you Your True Self in relationship?

To request more information about the upcoming workshop, contact Carista via email

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